What is MEDIX?

MEDIX (Medical Device Development Expo) is a trade fair for components and devices used in medical and healthcare equipment, as well as for development and manufacturing technology and OEM services.
Every year, many visitors from the design, development, manufacturing, production engineering and purchasing departments of medical device manufacturers come to the show to actively discuss business with the exhibitors.
MEDIX is held at Tokyo and Osaka.

An exhibition for the development and manufacturing technology of medical and healthcare devices.

Contributes to shortening development and production cycles, reducing costs and improving quality.

This exhibition gathers medical device components, electronic devices and OEM services under one roof. Products and technologies contributing to shortening development and manufacturing cycles, reducing costs and improving quality are exhibited, and active business meetings taken place.

Seminars to be held at the same time! This exhibition is also the excellent place for learning.

Learn about case studies of medical device development and new market entrants.

Seminars are held next to the exhibition hall. Topics include cutting-edge medical device developments and new entrants into the industry. This exhibition is an ideal place for learning.

MEDIX is held 2 times a year!


The majority of visitors are from the eastern Japan, where the Japanese capital, Tokyo, is located. 


It attracts visitors from the large business regions of western Japan, including Japan's second largest city, Osaka.

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