Exhibitor Comments

Manufacturing World Osaka 2023
October 4-6, 2023 at INTEX Osaka

KIMSEN (Vietnam)

We decided to participate in this exhibition because we want to open up new markets and broaden our sales in Japan. We had about 200 visitors over the three days, of whom about 100 responded favourably.
We were also able to meet again some of the customers we met here last year, and we feel that their impression of our company doubled because we were there again. We exchanged samples and drawings with customers and discussed business in the near future. We have been exhibiting for two years now and are planning to do so for a third year. This is because we want to showcase our products to Japanese customers, especially in the high-tech sector.


The purpose of exhibiting in Osaka is to attract Japanese customers, and we have already been participating in this exhibition for more than 10 years. By exhibiting continuously, we get good feedback and customers come to our booth.
We have just signed up to exhibit next year and we will definitely exhibit again next year. In my experience, it is not only the short-term benefits of participating in exhibitions. You may not get any feedback the first few times you attend, but I believe that it should be an ongoing participation in order to be remembered by visitors. It will also give me the chance to do business with potential customers.


The exhibition attracted visitors from hydraulic companies. We also met with customers involved in machine assembly. Before the exhibition in 2023 even started, we had already booked to exhibit in 2024. The reason for this is that we consider exhibiting to be a very long-term strategy. If you don't keep exhibiting for five, six or seven years, you won't be able to realise the true value of the exhibition.

Manufacturing World Tokyo 2023
June 21-23, 2023 at Tokyo Big Sight

Manufacturing World Nagoya 2023
April 12-14, 2023 at Portmesse Nagoya

CoreTechnologies Inc. (Germany)
Mr. Robin Vermet

We exhibited for the first time in order to expand our software for 3D printers in Japan. It was a great opportunity to meet companies from various industries who showed interest. We choose Nagoya show because we were aware of the presence of manufacturing bases for automotive and aerospace markets. We satisfied AM Japan, so we are going to exhibit in June Tokyo show again.

Precision Machinery Development Association (Taiwan)
Ms. Stephanie Ho

We are the Precision Machinery Development Association in Taiwan, and this is the first time for Japan to host the Taiwan Pavilion. Nagoya is important market for Taiwan's machine tool industry. The central part of Japan is a production area for Japanese machine tool manufacturers, thus Taiwanese companies chose this exhibition. We believe that new business will be created through this exhibition.

Gwangju Institute of Green-car Advancement (South Korea)
Mr. Choi Seung-Hyun

Last year, We exhibited at the Tokyo exhibition, and this time We exhibited for the first time in Nagoya. We are an organization in the area called Gwangju, Republic of Korea. One of our goals is to revitalize the automobile and manufacturing industries, so we participated in the exhibition. We had many business meetings with leading Japanese companies, and see high potential clients. We would like to exhibit again next time and achieve even greater results. I don't think it's easy to get big results just once, so we will exhibit continually.