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Dates: 19-21 June 2024 10AM-6PM
(until 5pm on 21 June)

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight,Japan

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Scene from Day 1

Asia's Leading with 2,100 Exhibitors!
This show is held in the East and South Halls.

<East Hall>
Mechanical Components, Facilities, Production Technologies

<South Hall>
IT, DX, AI Solutions

Conference on the first day of the show

Various conferences were held with key persons in the industry taking the stage, which could only be heard at the venue. Many attendees earnestly took notes, and the conference was a success, with many people attending from early in the morning.

Cutting-edge Rocket Development

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Space Systems Division,
Integrated Defense & Space Systems
Mr. Mayuki Niitsu


Digital Transformation Strategy &
Digital Talent Development

Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Senior Corporate Officer,
Chief Technology Officer (CTO),
General Manager,
Management of Technology Division,
and General Manager,
Digital Strategy Division
Mr. Yasuyuki Nomizu


Other speakers on June 20 (Thu) and 21 (Fri)

Nissan's Innovating Manufacturing & Workforce

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Vice President,
Yokohama Plant Manager
Mr. Eiji Iguchi

The Latest in Model-Based Development (MBD)

Mazda Co., Ltd.
Supreme Principal Engineer
Mr. Tomohiko Adachi

Impact of Generative AI

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Mr. Motoaki Nishiwaki

Insights of EV Strategy of Automaker

BYD Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Office CEO
Mr. Hao Chen

*Honorifics omitted. 

The exhibition hall where you can spend a whole day
besides business meetings and conferences

Free Shuttle Bus

Please use the free shuttle bus service for transportation between East and South halls.

Telework Lounge

A lounge with Wi-Fi and power supply is available.