Medical Device Development Expo - Tokyo


Jul. 9-11, 2025
Makuhari Messe

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What is Medical Device Development Expo

Exhibition of Medical and Healthcare Device Development and Manufacturing Technology

Medical Device Development Expo is a trade fair for components and devices used in medical and healthcare equipment, as well as for development and manufacturing technology and OEM services.
Every year, many visitors from the design, development, manufacturing, production engineering and purchasing departments of medical device manufacturers come to the show to actively discuss business with the exhibitors.
Medical Device Development Expo is held inside Manufacturing World in 2 cities a year in Tokyo and Osaka.

Exhibits & Visitors Profile

Exhibit Products

Exhibit Products - the following products and technologies for healthcare and medical device manufacturers

●Electronic components
Electronic components, connectors, printed circuit boards, power supplies, etc.

●Mechanical components
Mechanical parts, mechanical parts, elemental parts, screws, springs, etc

●Optical components
Optical components, lenses, mirrors, prisms, light sources, etc.

●Processing technology, materials
Machining technologies such as cutting, pressing and casting, materials etc.

●Surface treatment and modification
Plating, coating, heat treatment, painting technology, etc.

●Pumps, motion technology
Pumps, bearings, gears, reduction gears, motors, etc.

●Needles, pipes
Needles, pipes, pins, drilled holes, tubing materials, etc.

●Piping components, tubes
Piping components, tubes, hoses, bellows, etc.

●Measuring equipment, sensors
Measuring equipment, testing equipment, inspection equipment, sensors, etc.

Medical equipment OEM/ODM, EMS, outsourcing, etc.

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Previous Exhibit Highlights (2024)

A large number of products will be on show again this year!

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