How to get your "Visitor Badge"

Registration process is renewed this year and everyone is required to register for the show.
Please bring your visitor badge printed in color to the exhibition venue to avoid waiting in line at the registration counter.
If you have any questions, please contact Show Management.

Step 1

Register on the website

Click on the visitor registration button on the website.

Step 2

Print out your visitor badge

Print out at


After registration, you will receive an email
from Show Management.

Printing out the badge
in colour which is attached to email.

Bringing your badge
and enter the event directly.

Print out at

Exhibition Venue

Bring the QR Code in the email to the exhibition venue.

Scan the QR Code with
the dedicated device.

Step 3

Entry/Visit booths

Exhibition hall Entrance

Exhibitor Booth

Please show the QR on your badge at the entrance and each booth.

Visitor Registration

You can register up to 10 people at once as proxies. All persons' email addresses need to be registered.
Please note that duplicate email addresses cannot be registered.