Q1:How can I apply for the conference and what are the fees?

A:All applications are processed via the website.
       All Conferences are free of charge.

  ※Exhibitor Seminar [Product/ Technology] do not require pre-registration.
   If you wish to attend Exhibitor Seminar [Product/ Technology],
   please come directly to the [Exhibitor Seminar [Product/ Technology] Venue in the exhibition hall] on the day.

Q2:When will I receive my conference ticket?

A:After completing the application, a dedicated "My Page URL" will be sent to the registered email address. 
   Please present the QR code on your printed ticket or on your smartphone at the conference registration counter.
      ※Paid tickets can only be issued after payment has been confirmed.
      ※If you do not receive an email with the My Page URL, please check that it has not been sorted as spam.

Q3:I have applied but have not received my conference ticket.

A:Conference tickets can be issued on your own 'My Page'.
       Please confirm the details of your application using the My Page URL below.

   【My Page URL】>>https://biz.q-pass.jp/f/8451/mwt24/mypage/top
         Email address: The email address you registered yourself at the time of application
         Password  : Password registered by yourself at the time of application

Q4:I cannot log in to My Page.

A:The application may not have been completed successfully, please complete the application procedure again.
   Note that My Page is created after you have registered for the conference.
   A new application form is created for each edition, so if you have not yet applied for Manufacturing World 2024 Tokyo Conference,
      even if you have applied for another conference organised by RX Japan Ltd. or have a visitor ticket for an exhibition,
      please apply for a new one first.

Q5:Password cannot be re-issued.

A:If you do not receive an email with the My Page URL, please check that it has not been sorted as spam.
   Those without a My Page also cannot reissue a password. For more information on My Page, please see Q4.

Q6:Where is the venue for the conference?

A:The conference venue is in the East Hall 7 at Tokyo Big Sight.
        Please check the URL below before visiting the venue.
         Map of the conference venue:https://www.manufacturing-world.jp/doc_seminar_access_tokyo/

       ※In addition to the conference application, you need to complete the visitor registration for the exhibition (free of charge) in advance.
        If you have not yet registered as a visitor, please complete the visitor registration from a link below before your visit.
      【Apply for the exhibition visitor ticket】>>https://www.manufacturing-world.jp/tokyo/en-gb/register.html?cat=visitor&ct=U2FsdGVkX1/HQsuzoklOttbxugw5zczxz3ySBB/47i8=&co=ml-semi2

Q7:Is there a deadline for applications?

A:Closes on a first-come, first-served basis when full capacity is reached.
       We recommend that you register for the conference of your choice as soon as possible,
       as registration will close when "full" is displayed on the website.
       For the latest information, please check here.

Q8:What time does the conference registration counter open for the seminar?

A:Registration and doors will open 30 minutes before the conference start time.
       Please note that the start of registration may be earlier or later for some conferences.

Q9:I can no longer attend the conference due to circumstances.

A:Please cancel the conference via My Page,
       as it is not possible to attend the conference on your behalf.
       If you are unable to log in to My Page, please contact Conference Management at [email protected]
     【My page URL】>> https://biz.q-pass.jp/f/8451/mwt24/mypage/top

Q10:Are the conferences available online?

A:The conference will not be held online. They will only be held at the venue.