DX for back office

DX for back office

DX (Digital Transformation) promotion services to strengthen the company from the back office

Employee education and training programs

ANA Business Solutions CO., LTD.

The program will include actual examples of DX promotion that the ANA Group is implementing in the DX era, KAIZEN techniques through human resource development, etc., which can be utilized by those who want to promote DX in the future.

Office Stations


A la carte HR cloud software that streamlines the work performed by labor relations staff and all employees involved in the process.

J-Stream Equipmedia

J-Stream INC.

Video distribution platform with ease of use and full functionality, widely used for everything from video marketing and corporate promotions to intra-company information sharing and education/training.

Money Forward Cloud Expense

Money Forward INC.

Solves problems for accounting staff as well as application/approval staff in expense reimbursement and invoice receipt operations. Improve operational efficiency through paperless, data linkage, and enhanced governance.

*Some excerpts taken by Show Management from Exhibitors & Products Directory, in no particular order.

Many more products will also be on show!

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