Factory DX

Factory DX

Products that improve product specifications and reduce costs

Facility Assist


It is a facility monitoring system that packages the functions required for stable operation of facilities and equipment and "visualization" of their status, and is also cloud-compatible.

AmiVoice Keyboard

Advanced Media INC.

This Windows software replaces keyboard operation with voice input while keeping the form format intact.

LiLz Gauge


This cloud service automatically reads facility operating status from analog meters and other instruments. It supports the streamlining of operations by remotely conducting patrols and inspections.

Smart Mat Cloud

SmartShopping INC.

Automate daily inventory checks, stocktaking, and even ordering by simply placing the product on a mat. This is a new inventory management service that counts by weight.

Android Tablet ET40/45

brain CO., LTD.

It is an affordable, full-featured, highly rugged tablet that can be used right out of the box without difficult setup. It is not only durable, but also slim, lightweight, and easy to use.

*Some excerpts taken by Show Management from Exhibitors & Products Directory, in no particular order.

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