Processing Technology

Processing Technology

Exhibitors with amazingly advanced processing and surface treatment technologies

Rubber cutting technology that eliminates the need for molds


We are specialists in machining soft materials. Our machining technology eliminates the need for molds, which helps shorten time and reduce costs, especially in the development and prototyping phases.

CFRP machining


We have been dealing mainly with CFRP since the establishment of the company, and can handle almost all processing that is possible with metal. We will contribute to further performance improvement of your products!

Patented technology surface treatment FG titanium treatment

Ofa  CO., LTD.

Our patented surface treatment technology realizes high strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and photocatalytic properties for titanium products.

Planer processing

Saitama Planer CORP.

We specialize in large and long workpieces and long machining, which is rare in the Tokyo area, based on "planer machining," a cutting method suitable for long workpieces and difficult-to-machine materials where machining stresses tend to accumulate.

Completely chrome-free surface treatment ERIN

Hojitsu Seiko CO., LTD.

We are introducing new environmentally friendly technology from Japan to the world, not to mention the improvement of wear and corrosion resistance.

*Some excerpts taken by Show Management from Exhibitors & Products Directory, in no particular order.

Many more products will also be on show!

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