Global Supplier

Global Supplier

Some of the international companies and products

Die-cast moulding

Suzhou Sunrise Communication Co., Ltd. (China)

We specialise in die-casting parts that used to be machined, such as zinc die-castings + plating treatment!

Metal 3D printers, materials

Avimetal AM Tech Co., Ltd. (China)

Provides overall metal AM manufacturing solutions. China's leading metal 3D printer manufacturer, the first of its kind in Japan!

Industrial 3D printers

UnionTech (China)

We provide the best cosmetic industrial 3D printers. China's leading industrial 3D printer manufacturer, the first of its kind in Japan!

ultra-precision positioning technology

Navifra (South Korea)

Based on Navifra's SLAM & Navigation technology, the solution enables ultra-precise control of ±10 mm and 1° in three types of AMR for manufacturing and logistics. Ranked No. 1 in domestic market share in South Korea.

Steam and car wash machines

Seven Car Wash Korea Inc. (South Korea)

Small sized steam cleaner products can wash a whole car with just 3 litres of water. Provides an efficient, environmentally friendly car wash and cleaning solution.

Bearings, ball screws

CPM S.p.A. (Italy)

Leading Italian manufacturer specialising in bearings ranging from angular contact ball bearings for medical equipment to slewing rings for robotic applications, with bore diameters from 10 mm to 800 mm OD.

Resin Injection Moulding


Supplied to the USA, Germany, Switzerland and other countries throughout Asia and the world. A wide range of clamping forces from 20 t to 250 t is available!

Resin 3D printer

Cubicure GmbH (Austria)

The company (Cubicure) is known for its patented, European-born hot lithography technology, which enables the lamination of high-viscosity photopolymer resins!

Mechanical processing


We are confident in our cost competitiveness and quality. We can be relied on to process copper alloys (C1100), brass (C3604), beryllium bronze (C17200) and other stainless steel and steel products.

*Some excerpts taken by Show Management from Exhibitors & Products Directory, in no particular order.

Many more products will also be on show!

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