Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention

Products that improve the environment for factory workers

archelis series

Archelis INC.

This assistive suit reduces the load on the legs and back caused by standing work. Please actually wear it at the booth and experience its comfort!

Antiseismic fittings (anchorless specification)


These earthquake-resistant fittings have passed earthquake resistance tests of over 1000Gal. It secures evacuation routes and protects valuable employees and facilities.

Safety Sumitomo Forklift Trucks

Sumitomo NACCO Forklift Sales  CO., LTD.

The theme of the booth is "Forklift Truck x Safety," and it is full of highlights such as new forklift models, cutting-edge safety products, and safety education in a virtual space.

Solventless UV Coating

ThreesCorporation CO., LTD.

Coatings protect floor surfaces to maintain aesthetics and prevent falls, making factories easier to work in!

Large ventilation fan (exhaust fan blower) Y600D


This ventilation fan is easy to install and quickly discharges accumulated hot air from factories and other facilities. By allowing outside air to naturally flow in through the facility's openings, indoor heat and fumes can be simultaneously prevented.

*Some excerpts taken by Show Management from Exhibitors & Products Directory, in no particular order.

Many more products will also be on show!

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